5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Olive Bar & Kitchen

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

For someone who was first timing this place, let me tell you Olive Bar & Kitchen in Mehrauli, Delhi was a pure delight. And no, this is not a paid article. Everything about this place was superb, hence a review! Read about my experience and try this place out for yourself to know why it's on my recommendation list.

1. Ambience & Experience

From the minute you walk into this place, it's a visual treat. It's quite old. I remember I was probably in my first year of college when I heard about some fancy restaurant opening in Mehrauli and this fancy restaurant has stood by it's reputation. It's secluded and quiet, with an old world charm to it which makes it perfect for a romantic date night. It takes you to some far away Mediterranean island with a bed of white rocks and pebbles around covered with green bushes. Just by looking at the place, you know you're in for a good experience. 

2. Food for the Soul// Elaborate Menu

Have you ever heard the saying - Your eyes eat first? Well it's true! The rather lavish menu leaves you wanting for more. The menu is full of some incredible looking and deliciously mouthwatering dishes. Olive Bar & Kitchen has come to be known for it's Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The thing that intrigues me the most about it's menu are the ingredients used. The dishes actually comprise of exquisite elements like Parma ham or Muscovy duck that give you a feeling of being in that place and enhancing the whole experience. One of my most favourite dishes at the restaurant is the fish of the day (picture below), cooked in meunière style served with sautéed potatoes, charred red peppers, string beans, and a lemon caper beurre blanc. A definite must try.

3. Impeccable Service

The service again at Olive needs a separate mention. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. They asked us about our preferences and were ready to make changes to their existing menu. They even experimented with the traditional cocktails and made it to our taste. I particularly went on a Sunday which means a jam packed restaurant. So the service was a bit late, infact, one our dishes came in later than the others but this was compensated with a complimentary dessert. The manager even visited our table to apologise for the delay. It really are these tiny little things that matter, especially in hospitality. The warmth with which our food was served to us gives them brownie points.

4. Go Gluten Free

A gluten free diet means a diet excluding gluten usually found in wheat and barley. It is normally based on natural gluten free items like fish, eggs and nuts. A lot of people choose buckwheat or quinoa over the regular wheat products. So if you're allergic to gluten or wheat and are looking for some tasty gluten free options, try out the gluten free pizzas at Olive. They are not on the menu but you can request your server to get you a gluten free pizza instead of their regular one. The pizzas here are lip smacking with crisp crusts and yum toppings.

5. Spectacular Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth and you haven't visited this place yet, believe me you're missing out on some of the most fabulous desserts in Delhi. Carefully conceived and made to perfection, the desserts at Olive are a piece of art presented on a plate. Just look how beautiful they look! I was extremely impressed when these plates arrived infront of me and even better, they were all delicious. They have some unique combinations of ingredients that sound ridiculous at first but then you go like wow, never thought this would go so well with this. After all, Masterchef has taught us well, isn't it?!

Try their Valrhona Chocolate Ganache (picture below) which is a bittersweet chocolate melted into a ganache, served with a house churned sorbet, aero choco cookie, spiced choco gel and cocoa nib crisps. 

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    Julia x
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