Rimple & Harpreet Narula x Shaadi

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lahenga- Rimple & Harpreet Narula// Nose ring- Amrapali//

Festivities and lights are the flavour of the month. With many of us still nostalgic from all the 'shor sharaba' which the Diwali season brought in, it's now time to prep for this year's shaadi season. Wedding is one of the biggest festivals in the Indian community. Ever heard of the big fat Indian wedding? It's true! We Indians like to celebrate the happy day with full masti and swag. The wedding celebrations usually last 4-5 days. Its starts from Cocktail/Sangeet, then comes the Mehendi followed by the main Shaadi function.

With so many functions comes the stress of finding those perfect outfits. Every occasion has a special meaning attached to it and if you're a girl reading this, you've gone through the hassle of finding a good Indianwear boutique atleast once in your life. I remember those endless visits to Shahput Jaat when my cousin was getting married. What an absolute nightmare it was! Even though online shopping has made our lives a lot more easier today but I still feel nothing compares to the tactile feeling of trying your Indian outfit at a physical store. The drapes, the falls and the fit is the key to finding or rather investing in a good outfit.

This post is for all the lovely ladies who love the Shaadi season but can never decide what to wear for that upcoming Punjabi wedding. Now that we are done with the first two functions Sangeet and Mehndi, let's move to the highlight and finale- The Shaadi. It is the one function your can go all out and wear whatever you want without thinking too much. Now how do you decide what to wear? This depends on a number of factors like the weather, if the function is indoors or outdoors? How do you want to dress up? If there is a particular style you have in mind? For me, it's usually the lehenga that I reserve for the big day. Lehenga-choli is my most favourite outfit and I love to experiment with styles and colours.

In this post I am wearing a Rimple and Harpreet Narula creation. The designer duo are one of my most favourites. Their garments are so intricately embroidered. I first discovered the duo at the India Couture Week 2014 and instantly fell in love with their designs. I love how every single piece has it's own story to tell. This gorgeous lehenga fit like a dream. I fell in love especially with the hand embroidered blouse. The parrot green skirt mixed with a bright red choli was the perfect shaadi combination. The bottle green Mukeish dupatta was just the right amount of heavy to add the minimal, raw silk skirt. I teamed up the lehenga with old tribal jewellery. Like I said you can go all out with this look and that is exactly what I did. I wore a heavy choker, multi-connected rings and a silver bracelet. The nose ring was infact, the surprise element of this look. You can shop this look from their Defence colony outlet to get your shaadi look on point.

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