Boyfriend Sweatshirt

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sweatshirt- Champion// Dress- Forever 21//
Stockings- H&M// Shoes- Steve Madden// Glasses- Ray Ban

Thoughts about the fact it's December already... well firstly is it just me or this year really got over with the blink of an eye! Secondly it's winter time. Hate winters, love winter dressing. Winters are low maintenance, guilt free pass for everything, almost everything. Grooming can wait, you get to layer your ugly clothes inside your pretty jackets and you mostly get away with those extra kilos here and there beneath a gazillion layers.

Winters for me means invading my brother's or my boyfriend's cupboard. I love wearing loose knitted sweaters and sweatshirts over tights or skirts. And if you do not have a brother to steal these awesome clothes for, you can always pamper yourself with gifts. Infact, I love shopping from the men's section at Forever 21. They have some really cool stuff that is pretty much genderless.

In this post I am wearing a sweatshirt from Champion which surprisingly belongs to me and I kind of bought it twinning with my younger brother, who has the same in navy. Sweatshirts are easy and relaxed, they scream winter lazy and super comfortable. I wore it over my green skater dress from Forever 21. Depending on the weather you can team this up with stockings or ditch them as well. With skirts I usually like to wear high length boots and transparent black stockings.

Didn't go overboard with accessories as the look is pretty casual. Just put on my geeky best with my wayfarer glasses and a really old scarf that is stollen from my brother's closet. You can try this outfit with loose sweaters over skirts/dresses as well. Gives pretty much the same look.
Stay warm and glamorous these winters with this look!

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