Ripped Checks

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Crop top, plaid shirt & necklace- Forever 21// 
Jeans- Vero Moda// Shoes- Crown Vintage

With the weather slowly moving towards the colder side, most of your light, cotton clothes are going to be replaced by woollen or thicker fabrics. When it comes to shirts, I'm obsessed with tartan and checks. I have atleast 10 of these shirts lying around and I like to pair them up differently for different occasions. Talking about Tartan, it originally is woven wool from Scotland but now it's available in various materials. Plaid is another name given to it by the North Americans.

For a warm November afternoon, I teamed up my plaid Forever 21 shirt with a white off shoulder crop top. Since plaid itself is such a busy print, white seemed the perfect solid colour. You can either wear the shirt like a full fledged buttoned up shirt minus the crop if you like it the authentic way or you could wear it how I wore it, more like a jacket by throwing it over the shoulders or tying it on the waist. I paired the uppers with my most favourite ripped jeans. It breaks my heart that it's almost time to bid adieu to them since it's going to be almost impossible to wear ripped jeans in the next 15 days with the dropping of the temperatures.

I tried going a little boho with the beaded choker which also adds a bit of colour to my white crop top. Also if you have really short hair like mine, go for necklaces than earrings as they any way don't show with the hair covering your ears. Pair them the look with easy daywear shoes like wedges or boots and you're good to go.

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