Printed Co-ords

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Jumper & shorts- Thrift// Stockings- Forever 21
Shoes- Truffle collection// Earrings- Koovs

Well, it's April already and I know what everyone's thinking. It was just Christmas and now it's April. I mean where is 2016 flying? Or maybe it's just adulting. Most of our time spent on useless things and not finding enough time for the things we truly love. Ever thought about the amount of time you spend on matching outfits every morning? What if you just had a matching set that would make your life easier? Haha, I know it sounds like one of those pathetic commercials, but it's true. Co-ords have been one of the most sported trend for 2015 and still continues to be one.

So I wore a printed set of separates (jumper+shorts) that I picked on my last trip to Thailand. I know it wasn't the ideal choice. Like I'm more of a crop top with a skirt type of a person but it was the print that did the trick for me. I totally fell for this psychedelic print and bought it instantly. I paired the set with ankle length boots and stockings. You can wear them minus the stockings as well and also get rid of the boots if you are not too comfortable wearing boots in the heat. I am someone who can wear boots throughout the year, so if you're not, you can replace them with solid coloured wedge heels for a day look.

Try not going overboard with accessories if your print is too overwhelming like mine. I kept it pretty simple and wore a pair of hoop earrings, that I recently ordered from Koovs. I opted for a nude make up look on my face since it was a day event and wore my most favourite Inglot 417 on the lips. Hope this post helps you style your co-ords! Do let me know, how you finally style them?!

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  1. Nice look!
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  2. This looks cute :)

  3. Very beautiful outfit and your legs are so gorgeous and sexy in those stockings! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. love your style! you look gorgeous!
    Please check my Blog!!

    Alessa Bernal :)

  5. This is a beautiful 2 piece outfit!


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