5 Things You Should Promise To Yourself Today

Saturday, February 11, 2017

With Valentine's day right around the corner, a lot is being said about the things couples should do? Where single people should go? What clothes to wear? What not to wear? We talk about all the relationships but one. The one that truly matters. Our relationship with self. The most underestimated and unnoticed relationship in the world. On promise day today, let's make these promises to ourselves. These are probably the most clichéd list of promises that could ever exist, but they are the ones that actually matter. So repeat after me, "I promise..."

1. I will walk away from bullshit.

That moment when you know somebody is taking undue advantage of your goodness but you still don't react. Yes, that exact moment! That's your cue to walk away because you're the type of person who believes in second chances and forgiveness. Remind yourself that you've done it all and it's not your moral duty to save anyone. You can't save something that doesn't want to be saved and who are you anyway? Mother Teresa? Give yourself a break! People aren't always what they appear to be. Things don't always end up the way you want. Learn to let go. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

2. I will cut myself some slack when needed.

We live in a world full of fear, anxiety, depression and social dos & don'ts where it is anyway hard enough to get through the day without being judged by others. Try not doing that to yourself, maybe? It's normal to have a bad day, it's normal to take wrong decisions and it's absolutely okay to not be perfect. Cut yourself some slack. Know this can happen to anyone and admitting your faults do not make you weak. Tomorrow would be a better day and if tomorrow is not, the day after tomorrow would be. Learning is a gradual process and every single one of us is allowed to take our own time to reach the destination, whatever or wherever that may be.

3. I will make time for people who make me happy.

We all have those few selected humans in our lives who match to our wavelengths of crazy. Ever told a joke that no one understood? You know your bestie would've got it in a heart beat and would probably add more masala to it than you. Hold onto such friends. They are the best people to hang out with. You can be your complete crazy self without being judged. I mean leave the eye rollings for the siblings. We don't need anybody else to remind us of our mistakes and failures. Do we now? Long story made short- make time for your loved ones because this life is too short to be wasting on people who don't deserve your attention.

4. I will not get affected by what people say.

This is a tough one. Isn't it? Ofcourse, you want to know what that girl said about you. Ofcourse it matters what's currently trending and ofcourse you want to know if your boyfriend thinks you're thin or not. Well, it shouldn't. It shouldn't matter because these things are absolute rubbish to begin with. Then you cannot and I repeat CANNOT and SHOULD NOT waste your precious time and energy on things that would probably not matter in a couple of years from now. Haters are gonna hate, remember? Remind yourself you're the best and walk out of your house wearing those Prada blinders looking absolutely fabulous!

5. I will be my own boss!

Can I just start with #girlboss. Because why not. Also #yolo.
Yes you are your own boss. I don't mean it literally though. You can be working under someone at your workplace, sure but this means something bigger. It means utmost control over your own life. You call the shots. You take your own decisions. You plan your own life and you know if none of this works, you've to take full ownership of things that went wrong. Do not sit on the sidelines and wait for life to happen to you. Instead go running towards it and make use of every opportunity that comes your way. People can only suggest you to do the right thing but in the end you'll be awesome when you'd want to be awesome!

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