How to get the perfect fusion look // RVC x Raiman

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dress- Raiman// Necklaces & sunglasses- thrift// Ring- Amrapali//
Shoes- Truffle Collection// Bag- H&M

End of May and we are still in the spring feels. Hey, I'm definitely not complaining. Well! Milan has been good to me so far with no tanning, heat burns or the over sweating glands in play. In this perfect weather, I decided to wear the brightest dress I had in my closet and go all mix and match with it. In short there was some experimentation to come up with a fusion look. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this category maybe because I've always been a person who believes in things being black or white. So for me it is either Indian wear or a pair of jeans and top or atleast that was the case until some time ago. As I'm growing older, I've started acknowledging the grey space if not completely believing in it so why not give this a try. 

Like I said, I wasn't too fond of fusion dressing earlier and many of you would have been facing the same dilemmas such as me. So don't start with something too complicated. Keep it restricted to things you know like maybe a kurta that can be worn as a dress or over trousers. In this post I'm wearing a buttoned up dress by designer Raiman and complemented the look with traditional Banjaran jewellery to give it an Indian twist. I've not done much to the face except put Exotic from the Nyx Lingerie collection on the lips and a mint green bindi.

Finished the look with straight hair, a satchel bag and Lennon glasses. I wore boots but you can also go for Punjabi juttis instead. Try this look and let us know how it looks :)

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