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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Cape - Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal// Jeans - Zara

Festivals in India are not just days with significance and history but also excuses to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate. You have the festival of colours - Holi, then there is the festival of lights - Diwali. These festivals are happy, bright and vibrant and the people also dress in a manner to represent that joy. 

This week we celebrated Raksha Bandhan also called as Rakhi. A day to cherish and honour the bond between siblings. The sister ties a band which is a ceremonial thread to the brother as a remembrance of their love. The brother promises to protect and love her in return with a few goodie bags here and there (hehe, this is the best part.) In short it's one of those days when you and your brother are not trying to kill each other and are actually nice to live with.

People normally stick to wearing traditional Indian wear on such festivals. Men go for kurtas while women wear suits or saris. What's interesting is how younger girls are not sticking to just the typical Indian wear outfits these days but bending towards a more Indo-western approach. My younger sister, Noor mixed and matched this beautiful Anupamaa Dayal long cape kurti with a pair of ripped jeans. The colours are so refreshing and vibrant, there are polkas and florals, everything we absolutely love. And oh, you can twirl in it! It's just perfect for the occasion. With the onset of the festive season, we are going to see a lot more of these stunning Indian outfits. While you mull over how gorgeous this little one looks, I'm gonna hog the leftover mithai!

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