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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shirt - New Look// Skirt - Billabong// Watch - Jord Watches
Sunglasses - Karen Walker// Silver Jewellery - Janpath Market// Shoes - Thailand

There are days when you don't want to look like a diva. Days that are not about that perfect hair, perfect makeup and shiny clothes. These are those laid back, scary days when you've not slept or are hungover or just tired of doing nothing and would probably pick the first thing that you see in your closet. That freshly washed and ironed shirt which you most likely wore two days ago but you're just too lazy to stretch your hands that little extra to find something new.

Usually these are the days when my hair are on their worst behaviour and I normally rely on my Anokhi kurtas or my 'match me with anything' shirts. Oh how these shirts are the best thing ever. They are your silent best friends, always having your back. On one such day, I found myself being saved by my all time favourite light blue, cotton New Look shirt. I have worn it over jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, it goes with literally everything!  I teamed it up with a hippie tie and dye Billabong skirt. Even though I tend to avoid wearing horizontal lines as they have a habit of making things look larger than they should but this one was quite subtle. Also because the darker colour of the skirt toned down the effect.

I've always had a thing for antique jewellery especially those banjaran chunky ones. You get some amazing pieces at the Janpath market in New Delhi for quite good deals. I love this old coins necklace and double loop ring that I bought from there recently. It actually jazzes up a boring outfit quite effortlessly. Whats great about these pieces is they are rustic and stunning. 

To break the blues, I wore my new Jord watch. It's made out of wood and the beautiful wine colour just adds a little hint of warmth. These watches value sustainability, efficiency and an experimental lifestyle. These watches are stunning and the wooden structure makes them ever more appealing. You can order your Jord watch from - and if you would like to order the same wine one, follow this link-

Put on your big sunnies to cover your sleep deprived eyes and wear comfy shoes and I would recommend coffee. Lots of coffee for these unmerciful days.

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  1. fine style!! ;-)

    new post

  2. Beautiful skirt.
    I followed you, great blog!


    Rue de Tres Chic

  3. Lovely outfit! I like the maxi skirt... :)

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  4. Love the whole look!
    Maybe we can follow each other and keep in touch? Just let me know!

  5. LOVE that tie-dyed skirt and that silver necklace! You look great girll

    Style..A Pastiche! - New Post - Mustard Outfit

  6. great post !
    I am new follwoer please follow me back ! :) MY BLOG : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  7. Antique jewellery are so gorgeous, and I love the necklace you're wearing. Sunglasses for sleep deprived eyes; I feel ya, girl!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment. ♥
    Yes, let's follow for follow. ♥
    I follow you - follow back?

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  9. I just followed your extreamly beautiful blog! Waiting for your follow now :)

    Picture Me

  10. such a cute skirt! thanks for stopping by my blog hun, followed via gfc & bloglovin :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  11. Love the outfit, it's casual and laidback yet stylish and put-together at the same time. You wear it very well.


  12. Lovely outfit! I love your shirt, it's gorgeous!!

  13. Hello dear :D
    YEs, of course! I'm following you right now via GFC. Can you follow me back, please? :)

    Love your look!!! perfect details :D

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  14. Love this for the last days of summer, the tie dye is such a cool detail x

    Anna | aforvogue

  15. Ah, I love the touch of denim to the outfit xx

    La'bell ||

  16. I've been on a shirt buying binge lately! I think they're replacing my go-to white tee obsession. Which is what I usually just chuck on during one of those days.


  17. You are so beautiful and you picture looks so charming.

  18. Cute maxi skirt! I'm trying to make the most of them before the summer is over.


  19. LOVE this look!
    im following you now, cant wait to see you on my blog too :)

    Alice's Pink Diary

  20. Gostei muito do seu look e das fotos.
    Já estou te seguindo, seguidor 189.
    Jana Makes Esmaltes e Cia

  21. beautiful pics and i love this style!!! is so cool! the skirt ia amazing... i appreciate if u leave me a comment too.
    keep in touch, see u soon

  22. That skirt it's so pretty !
    Following you dear !


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