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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kurti - Fab India// Earrings - Boutique in Hauz Khas

On days when I want to be the most relaxed and comfortable, I wear my most favourite and reliable kurtis. I absolutely love Fab India and Anokhi and if you love wearing Indian wear, you obviously have shopped from here before. No matter what you wear, the grace that comes when you wear Indian wear is unmatched to any other item of clothing.

I am wearing an Anarkali kurta from Fab India. They mostly have block printed kurtas which are my favourite but since I didn't have anything in solid colours, this was a pleasant break. I love how it's so simple with minimal embroidery which lets the fuchsia pink completely stands out . Its flowy and breezy perfect for any weather. The best thing about wearing such things is how you can wear them practically anywhere. Be it work, party, meeting, mall, literally anywhere. Not many people know the difference between a kurti and a kurta. A kurti is a short tunic like top whereas a kurta is a loose top that ends below your knees. In simpler terms I am wearing a kurta.

Depending on where you are wearing it, you can jazz it up a little by accessorising. I wore it with these delicate pearl string earrings that I recently bought from a boutique in Hauz Khas Village to make it a little more formal and to add colour I wore a double bindi set, matching to the colours in my kurta. Make sure you buy the correct size of bindis for your face.

If you are not in a mood to go fully traditional, like wearing a complete suit set or a saree, you can wear these kurtas or kurtis instead and still be ethnic. Give those jeans a break already now!

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  1. I love that earring and how you styled it with subtlety ! You look great Avisha

    Style.. A Pastiche! - - New Post - Featuring Bluestone Peacock Jewelry

  2. Oh you look beautiful, Avisha! Your kurtis looks gorgeous, very much a classic beauty <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  3. hy darling i love this dress, u look fabulous! also the earrings are amazing... u look great, beautiful post and pics! visit my new post :)
    see u soon darling a big kiss

  4. Amazing look. Loved your dress.


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