[DIY] Nailed it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

So the weekend is almost over and now that I look back at the last two days, I realize its been one of the laziest weekends ever spent. This harsh Delhi heat just wouldn't let me get out of the house when all I desperately want to do is to check out the new collection at Zara and buy my favorite silver shade of nail paint. But then as they say, boredom makes you do crazy things and so I searched the entire house for all the useless eyeshadows, which I am quite sure all you girls would be having ( Oh! This color is so pretty, will use it later.. Clearly that later never came!) So yes, take those eyeshadows out and use them to make your own nail polishes. Sounds tough but actually its a 5 minute job! Here's how to get those perfect colors you've always been wanting ;)

This is how I made this silver nail lacquer I've been wanting from the past two weeks and similarly you can make your own colors following these steps :) Don't forget to tell us how you feel about this post !

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  1. Now I can finally advise my sis with some serious fashion-tech tips - awsm - hope to see further innovations in future.

  2. Aishwarya Bamzai23 April 2013 at 10:09

    I just read through your blog, you have some amazing posts & the layout and pictures are great.

    1. Thank you so much Aishwarya. Means a lot :)


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