South Indian, Not so Vegetarian!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Being a foodie, a question I often asked myself “Where do you get good Non Vegetarian South Indian food in Delhi amongst the numerous options?”. After enough wandering and gobbling many dishes, there are these two restaurants that I can't get out of my head, in fact I dream about when I’m asleep.

Royally Iguru-Zambar

Firstly, “ZAMBAR”, a south Indian restaurant located in Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj and Ambience Mall Gurgaon. With an extensive menu and  every dish more appealing than the other, I finally decided to go for some seafood. My feisty favourites would be the Royalla Iguru, prawns in an Iguru curry of Andhara Pradesh, slightly spicy, droolingly delicious and with a flavor to-die for and The Nagaur Crab fry, Tamil Nadu style crab, a dry and spicy dish.

The Nagaur Crab fry- Zambar

Both dishes with a pleasing flavor and scrumptious taste top my charts for South Indian food. Flavor goes best with Appam and Malabar Paronta. I would rate the food a definite four on five. The flavors are for a specific palette, but not to be ignored if you’re in the mood to try new restaurants in town!

The second place on my list does not have an ambiance to match the cuisine. “GUNPOWDER”, an unassuming place with a simple setting, is located in the midst of Hauz Khas Village. It stands tall amongst the numerous eateries. Its understated nature goes a long way in making it one of the most popular restaurant. It overlooks the lake and has an attractive food menu which serves delicious and mouthwatering dishes to cater to everyone’s taste. The deliciously spicy Buff Fry is a favourite and the Juicy Pork Ribs always leave you wanting for more. It is one of the few places that has left a lasting impression on me. The consistency in the food is a delight and has never let me down! Despite the average ambiance, the distinct taste of the food always leaves you asking for more. Food wise I rate Gunpowder marginally higher than Zambar. The superior ambience of Zambar makes it a more formal restaurant than Gunpowder which is laid back and casual.

Buff Fry- Gunpowder

-Diya Sawhney

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  1. Definately visiting them both when I visit Delhi. The review is very well laid out Ms. Sawhney. And interestingly, you've covered non beg south Indian food which is genuinely underrated considering the vast range of flavours and methods of preparation.

    May I also suggest Karnataka bhavan in chanakyapuri for some mangalorean delight?

    1. Thank you so much! Have heard a lot about this place! Will be going there soon :)

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